I help people and organizations approach the world through a subversive lens…challenging assumptions and helping people embody an alternative to the imperial norm. I weave together the skills of a theologian, a pastor, a spiritual director, an artist and an activist to help people incarnate something new into our shadowed world.

This can take different shapes. Sometime this involves individual or group spiritual direction. Sometimes this looks like consultation. Sometimes I develop customized workshops or courses. Sometimes I lead retreats or facilitate group discernment.  

Whatever form it takes, my vocation in this world is to help people turn from the false promises of Empire to embody something new—a creative expression of God’s (un)kingdom.

In that spirit, I offer these guidelines for those who invite me to speak, present, facilitate or consult. 


I often participate in events for less if the organization has a limited budget or is one with which I have a strong personal connection. At the same time, if you are a part of a large or wealthy organization, or if your proposed event will require extra research or other challenges, I expect more.

Each situation is different and I consider determining reasonable compensation a matter of dialog and discernment. Please feel free to contact me if you lack the funds to pay what I’m asking.


If you want to invite me to help you as a consultant, my standard feed is $100/hr. I am willing to consult over Skype, but prefer meeting in person. If consulting begins to move into the terrain of facilitating group processes, the following guidelines apply. Contact me for more information.


If your event is within 100 miles of the Twin Cities Metro area, $1500 is suggested for a single-day speaking event. For multiple-day events, $1500 is suggested for the first day with $1000 for each following day.

If your event is outside of the Twin Cities area, a $2000 minimum is suggested for a single-day speaking event. For multiple-day events, $2000 is suggested for the first day with $1500 for each following day.

Travel: Unless other arrangements are made, it is assumed that your organization or group will cover the costs of travel.

Lodging:  Whenever possible, I would rather stay in a hotel rather than a home. I have challenges sleeping and find that a hotel is usually the best bet for ensuring I get as much quality sleep as possible. This isn’t a deal breaker.

Food:  It is assumed that your group or organization will provide for my meals both during my travel, as well as during my visit. I have no dietary restrictions, but can only eat small portions of food at each setting.

Cancellations: If you should need to cancel your arrangement, you are responsible for paying a $500/day cancellation fee unless I waive that.

If you are inviting me speak at your event, facilitate a workshop, lead a retreat, etc., click the button below. My speaking requests are handled by the Transform Network.



Content Examples

Unfortuantely, few of my sermons or speeches have been recorded. Nevertheless, here are several examples of content:

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Podcasts that Interviewed Me

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