Deep Roots Podcast: Simone Weil, Red Virgin

Deep Roots Podcast: Simone Weil, Red Virgin

In this episode we remember Simone Weil. She was a philosopher, mystic, political theorist, and revolutionary. She wasn’t well known in her lifetime and is scarcely known today. Her life was short—she died at the age of 34 from tuberculosis, which was brought on by weakness from severe fasting. Most of her writings were published after her death. And her writings, though never exactly popular, were celebrated by towering figures.

T.S. Elliot called her “a woman of genius, of a kind of genius akin to that of the saints.”

And Albert Camus described her as “the only great spirit of our times.”

Written and produced by Mark Van Steenwyk.
Simone Weil quotes performed by Katherine Parent.
Background Music is from Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps by Olivier Messiaen, featuring Martin Fröst (clarinet), Lucas Debargue (piano), Janine Jansen (violin), and Torleif Thedéen (cello).

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