the wind blows angry

The wind blows angry In the lonely places Where it is safe to rage. Far from the city. I hear her wailing. And tremble. For I wear her wrath A threadbare cloak. The evangelists say, the Breath of God Is like a gentle Dove. But to me, she’s a raven, consuming the dead. Or a[…]

anchor tree

In deep morning still dark and cool I place my hand on my anchor tree. My fragile skin rubs the rough bark while my soul trickles from skin to wood and slides down into the roots where it kisses the soil. I am planted there with that anchor tree; It stands in my back yard,[…]

wise squirrel

I am the wise squirrel who climbs out of the underworld and dances up the trunk of the Tree of Life. Sitting in the high branches, I sway in the wind as leaves clatter, Reflecting the rising red sun. I hear Divine rumors on the breeze, and carry them down to the underworld returning with[…]