A Letter from Your Uncle

My Dear Nephew, I hope this letter finds you well. I’m enjoying my retirement. Gardening has become very therapeutic. Congratulations on your recent success! Being elected into such a noble office is a great accomplishment. Now that you are entering into the halls of power, I have a few reflections to offer. I believe they[…]

Jesus Hates Islamophobia

Every time a Muslim refugee or Muslim citizen commit a violent crime in this country, it gets fed through the right wing media machine. Then hundreds of people, most of them professing Christians, leave hateful comments filled with revenge fantasies and violent rhetoric. Read the comments section of any major media article that even mentions Islam and[…]

Resisting the Disposable Culture

Recently, Pope Francis has been issuing challenges to our capitalist system–how it nurtures exclusion, inequality, and death. He has gotten pushback from the likes of Rush Limbaugh for sounding like a Marxist. I am thankful that the Pope is using his pulpit this way. Here’s an example: How can it be that it is not[…]