Jesus Hates Islamophobia

Every time a Muslim refugee or Muslim citizen commit a violent crime in this country, it gets fed through the right wing media machine. Then hundreds of people, most of them professing Christians, leave hateful comments filled with revenge fantasies and violent rhetoric. Read the comments section of any major media article that even mentions Islam and[…]

5 Wonderfully Subversive Books I’ve Read to My Son

Exordium: The new year has come. And I turn 40 in exactly one week. This is a time of transitions for me. A lot of my previous work (largely through the Mennonite Worker) has lessened. In 2016, I begin work on a number of new projects (my Pastoral Study Project with the Louisville Institute, my work[…]

the wind blows angry

The wind blows angry In the lonely places Where it is safe to rage. Far from the city. I hear her wailing. And tremble. For I wear her wrath A threadbare cloak. The evangelists say, the Breath of God Is like a gentle Dove. But to me, she’s a raven, consuming the dead. Or a[…]