Mark van steenwyk

Mark is a writer, teacher, organizer, and guide for those wanting to embrace God's vision for themselves and the world while rejecting the false promises of Empire.

Mark is the author of A Wolf at the Gate, The unKingdom of God, and That Holy Anarchist. He has contributed to several books and been published at Sojourners, Geez Magazine,, Leadership Magazine, the Mennonite, Mennonite World Review and more. For info on his most recent books, click here.


Mark has traveled across North America sowing seeds of subversive spirituality. He’s taught or facilitated at seminaries, retreats, conferences, churches, and activist gatherings. His work has been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Boston Globe, and CNN. To book mark as a speaker or teacher, go here.


Mark has convened conferences, planned symbolic and direct actions, and trained activists. But Mark’s “sweet spot” is helping groups move from problem to a creative response, balancing discernment and action. For information on bringing Mark to your organization as a consultant or organizer, click here.


Mark believes that working for social justice is tied to a deep experience of the Spirit’s presence. He offers spiritual guidance to individuals and teams to help them experience holistic transformation. To learn more about Mark’s work as a spiritual guide/director, go here.


Stay tuned for more books coming… Books about holy fools, post-apocalyptic squirrels, and how to firmly root your spirit in the midst of Empire…

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