My Newest Book Receives Kirkus Starred Review!

A Wolf at the Gate has been receiving some very positive reviews, but we're particularly proud of our starred review from Kirkus: Van Steenwyk (The Unkingdom of God, 2013, etc.) offers an illustrated chapter book about an angry red wolf who encounters a saintly beggar king. The Red Wolf is born into a pack that lives deep in the woods outside of the town of Stonebriar. Her parents raise her with tales of the history of her kind, the Lords of the Forest, who have slowly ceded their territory to the growth of human settlement. They also teach her the necessity of never taking more food than necessary and sharing what she has with others. The Red Wolf grows up angry; eventually, her parents die and she loses her pack before becoming the rage-fueled Blood Wolf that haunts the dreams of [Read More...]
Interview about Christian Anarchism

Christian Piatt interviews Mark about Christian Anarchism.

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